How Has 2014 Been So Far?


I know I’m a little late but Happy New Year! I pray that 2014 is filled with blessings, peace, health, joy, prosperity and success for you!

How has the start of your year been going? Well, my year started off a little odd. The 1st Saturday of this year I got up that morning and injured myself while stretching. I must have pulled something because the back of my head, neck and my upper back started hurting. My neck was so stiff I couldn’t turn it. I couldn’t do much of anything without pain. It lasted for a week. What a way to start off the new year. Thank God I’m back to normal now.

I also wanted to share some of the things I’ve gotten myself into this year that you also may want to join. These things were not planned, they kind of just happened. The 1st thing I did was join The Favor Project by Jennifer Lucy Tyler. Take a look at the video that explains what The Favor Project is:

Isn’t that awesome! I love the idea of writing in a journal throughout the entire year all the good things (both small and big) that the Lord does for us. By the time December gets here we will be amazed and say “look what the Lord has done!” I already had a journal that I used off and on (more off than on) for doing that very thing. Now is the perfect time for me to pick that journal back up again and be more consistent with it. This is something I want to start doing every year.

The 2nd thing I did was join the 21 day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary. Take a look at the video regarding the Financial Fast:

It’s only day 6 of the fast but I’m loving it so far. On this fast all you can buy are necessities, no eating out, no extra shopping and no unnecessary spending. The book is great and it’s Biblically based. It’s a great thing to do the start of every year to get your finances started off right. She also has daily videos and challenges for us to do.

And last but not least I just started the 30 day Prayer Dare; Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe by Sharon Jaynes. Here is a link regarding the 30 day Prayer Dare:

I just started this but I know it’s going to be awesome. You may be thinking she has a lot going on all at once. I agree! Lol! I always said I wanted to read and write more. I guess I got my wish. These things have encouraged and blessed me and put me in the right direction this year. Feel free to join in on one or all of them. Or the Lord may have put other things on your heart to do this year. Be obedient and do it! It will make your 2014 the best it can be. God Bless!


2 thoughts on “How Has 2014 Been So Far?

  1. Hi Lashon,
    I am going to join you in the Prayer Dare. This year I have committed the 52 week money challenge, the 365 photo journal, learning 100 new scriptures, mastering my coaching skills, taking my vitamins and drinking 64oz of water everyday. You are a blessings!

    Yolanda Wooten – Meade

  2. Hi Yolanda, thank you for joining me in the Prayer Dare. I love all of the things you are doing this year. I’m going to join you in the 52 week money challenge. I know we are going to see awesome results!

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