Join Me And Try God Like You Never Have Before


Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I haven’t written a new post in a while but I think now is a good time to write one. I just wanted to tell you about what my church family is doing. This past Sunday we started a 28 day challenge. It’s called Test Drive, Try God Like Never Before. For 28 days we are going to step up our walk with God. We are going to seek Him more in prayer, Bible study, praise & worship and whatever else God lays on our hearts to do. We are also doing what we call random acts of kindness where we are being a blessing to those around us. We’re doing things like paying for total strangers gas or meal & telling them that Jesus loves them. I’m excited because only good things can come from seeking God more. I don’t know about you but I want more from God. I’m not satisfied with where I am now. I want to go higher in Him. I heard a minister say the word insanity means to do the same things & expect different results. So to get things we haven’t had before we have to do things we haven’t done before. During this time the Lord has laid on my heart to fast certain reality TV shows like Basketball Wives, Hollywood Exes & The Real Housewives of whatever city and use that time to seek Him. I want to extend an invitation to you to join me and try God like you never have before. Seek Him more & just do what He puts on your heart to do and I promise you God will do awesome things for you & through you. God bless you!

Check out the video for our 28 day challenge:


2 thoughts on “Join Me And Try God Like You Never Have Before

  1. Hey Lashon, this is great! Our chitchat did something like this as well. It was called ” the church has left the building ” where we looked for opprtunities to spread the gospel in different ways outside of the church for 28 days. It was an awesome experience and a blessing in my life. I will join up with you on this as well! Thanks for sharing!

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