Walk in the health God provided for you

It is the will of God for us to be healed in our bodies. Jesus not only died & rose for our sins but He also died & rose for our healing. He took care of our sins & sickness at the same time. He paid the price for our healing when He took those stripes on His back (I Peter 2:24). Let’s not let what Jesus did for us be in vain. God wants us to walk divine healing where we are healed from every sickness & disease but He also wants us to walk in divine health where we never get sick. How can we do all God wants us to do if we are always sick. God needs us to be strong & healthy. It doesn’t matter what sickness or disease tries to come on our bodies. We are already healed. We are not sick trying to get healed. We are healed and the devil is trying to make us sick. But we have authority over the devil in Jesus Name! The Name of Jesus is higher than every name. It’s higher than aids, cancer, diabetes and any other name you can think of. If sickness or disease tries to come on our bodies we need to saturate ourselves with the Word of God on healing. Look at it, listen to it and speak it constantly. When you are taking your natural medicine also take the spiritual medicine of God’s Word. Let that sickness know that you know your rights as a child of God. Exodus 23:25 says God takes sickness away from us. Psalms 103:3 says the Lord heals all of our diseases. If we look at the ministry of Jesus in the New Testament He was always healing the sick. But we do have a part to play in this. We have to change our mind-set. We have to accept the fact that Jesus already obtained our healing for us just like He obtained our salvation. Just like we had to confess Jesus as our Lord & Savior we have to confess Jesus as our healer. There are also things we can do in the natural to maintain our healing. Jesus covered the spiritual part of healing & we should cover the natural.

1) eat right: fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and whole grains and cut back on junk foods.

2) drink water: try to drink close to 8 cups a day and cut back on soda pop.

3) exercise: start walking and build on that but get active. If you have a serious health condition discuss an exercise program with your doctor.

4) get proper rest: try & get close to 8 hours of sleep. Also take vacations from work to relax.

5) get rid of stress: receive God’s peace & don’t let the things of this world stress you out. Smile, laugh & enjoy life.

6) forgive others: ask for God’s help to forgive those who have come against you & to walk in love. Forgiveness is more for you than the other person.

7) go to the doctor & dentist regularly for check-ups: Even though we go to the doctor we must always know that Jesus is our Great Physician!

More scriptures on healing: Exodus 15:26, Deuteronomy 7:15, Psalms 107:19-20, Proverbs 4:20-22, Jeremiah 30:17, James 5:14-15, 3John 1:2

Donald Lawrence I Am Healed http://youtu.be/FjDpAwG3Lts


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